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Today's engineers, managers, and technicians live in a world of increasing deadlines with an ever growing need for deep and immediate technical knowledge. We understand those needs and have therefore created these short course programs with them in mind.

Our 3 day courses will provide the participants with a thorough understanding of the topic presented allowing them to explore the subjects further on their own while knowing that they were provided a solid foundation of knowledge for the topics at hand.

Our 5 day courses are designed to provide the participants with a full academic semester's worth of information.

Our half day and one day events are aimed to be a general introduction to topic specific subjects.

Each participant will leave the course with knowledge and skills that can be immediately be applied in their work environment.

Each course will be taught by seasoned professionals that are experts in their fields and recognized as top trainers in the industry.

When applicable, each course will combine classroom lectures and hands-on experience so that learning is maximized by involving the participants every step of the way.

All our courses are delivered "on site"…. We come to your location. We bring all we need and, while based on existing curriculum, we customize the sessions to your situation. We travel worldwide.

We also regularly tour the globe partnering with commercial entities, chambers of commerce and academia, as well as our M51 training partners, to bring our training classes as close as possible to the people who need it. These classes/events and their locations can be found in our"Event" section.
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